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Welcome Friends, Family, and Fellow Nomads!

I’m so glad you found your way to this site! It is here that I share my stories of adventures had around the world, tips on travel and how to “make it happen,” and travel inspiration to quench your wanderlust! 

There are two ways to enjoy this site:

1: Pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back, and immerse yourself in the culture of the world! There is no better way to travel from your couch than to read!


2: Feeling inspired? Pack your backpack, grab your hiking boots, and head out the door to experience some adventures of your own (may I suggest Belize, it’s a great place for a backpacking expedition)!

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Ready to get started? Read on!

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20 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. WOW! Your site Rocks! I showed my 14 year old daughter to hopefully inspire her to write someday. You and you family are so cool! Happy travels!

  2. jafilu says:

    This is awesome!! I do keep wondering though: What work do your parents do that they can travel the world with you guys?

    • jamie says:

      yes i am also wondering this

    • Couann says:

      its really not important…what is important is that they enjoy their kids enough to want to do it with them! You can be poor or rich and do it…..

      • Stephanie says:

        It is important when you can’t afford the plane tickets because you don’t work! ;)

        • Not entirely sure what you’re insinuating here… I DO work. People have told me that I won’t be able to get a decent job, because they assume that I’m uneducated. The reality is that I finished high school at fifteen, and have been enrolled at Oregon State University for about two years now. I have work as a freelance travel writer, and will soon be getting my TESL certificate so that I can work in other countries as an English teacher. I am well-educated, have plenty of international experience (which you may already know is an important asset), am above average as far as school goes, and have a vision for I want to do with the next decade or so of my life. I think my chances of finding a decent job are as good if not better than those of some of my peers, don’t you?

          • I think the question was, what do you parents do, that they can afford for you all to travel so much. In the minds of most, travel is prohibitively expensive. People think ” I am not rich, how can I possibly travel the world?”
            But from what I gather you guys don’t have a “base camp” meaning things like mortgage/rent, utilities,and I am betting you guys live a mostly minimalist lifestyle so while most of the world just NEEDS to get the new iphone5, you guys spend your money more wisely.

          • oh, and I am a homeschooling mommy of five :-)

          • Stephanie says:

            Sorry; you misunderstood my comment. The person above said it doesn’t matter how your parents fund the trip! I’m curious how they do it simply because when I travel, I don’t work; when I don’t work, I don’t have money! Then I have to go home. :) I grew up similarly to you, but with a dad who moved from place to place with a specific job. If you travel because you can and not because you have to, that’s a whole different ball of wax! (And precisely what I’m interested in!)

  3. you have a great blog ! very inspirational to me as a homeschooling mom who hopes to do some traveling with my kids as soon as they are a little bigger :)

  4. Jill Stockton says:

    Hi Hannah, Love your travel blog. My family also have a nomadic lifestyle, we live in Greece sailing the islands in the summer and live in India in the winter. It is wonderful to hear about your experiences, thanks for sharing, x

  5. Kathrin says:

    Loving your blog! Just had my traveling homeschooler read it and he loved it too!

  6. Don B says:

    Wonderful meeting you and hearing you play at The Mill these past few months; now equally wonderful to follow your adventures. Hope you can make your way back to New Hampshire someday so we can enjoy more music!

  7. Hestar says:

    Hi! Wow you’re site is awesome! I’m a nomadic teen too, traveling the states with my parents in our RV. It’s so cool hearing about another teens travels and I will definitely be excited to read more about you awesome life on the road! ^^

  8. Jamie R. says:

    You did an awesome job at Hero Round Table, it was a pleasure to meet you and hear you speak, you did wonderful!
    I look forward to following your blog and reading about more of your adventures.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I loved your Guatemala post. Beautiful and is going to be first on my next out of country travel.

  10. rheari says:

    Hi, I’m enjoying your blog and appreciate all the info. (On this page, “Education And Friends On The Road: My Thoughts” links instead to Ezra’s brithday present.)

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