The Mama Bus In Tombstone

Our time in Tombstone, Arizona, was completely incredible!

We stayed with family of the Woods. Because Grandpa is a former politician in town, he knows everyone. This meant that we got to do a lot of things for free that we wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Tombstone in and of itself is a very cool town, and one I’ve always wanted to go visit. The folks here don’t just wear cowboy outfits, they live it! If you are here at the right time you may be lucky enough to see the Vigilantes act out gunfights and hilarious comedies in the streets. We did!

Everyone in town went far above the call of duty to accommodate us and help us in any way possible.

I believe that having 11 kids in tow surprises people and makes them realize that what we are doing is crazy. Somehow, wherever we are, there are people who want to help us at no cost to ourselves. It’s great!

For example, the patron of the Crystal Palace Salon took an immediate liking to us and within minutes was explaining the entire history of the Salon and Tombstone in general. Afterwards, he sat all of the kids at the bar and gravely poured us our first shot. Of sarsaparilla. We all were equally grave as we “bellied up” and then laughter burst out, filling the 1800’s historic salon, one that has seen multiple gunfights over the ages.

Another man gave us all a free wagon ride/tour of the town. We got to visit the Ghosts And Legends building for free (totally creepy, but educational and fun; definitely worth the $5 each) as well as watch a hilarious comedy gunfight for free.

Our time in Tombstone was wonderful!

Thank you Tombstone folks!

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