A Study-Abroad Christmas

christmas market, nuremberg, bavaria

I like the idea of 5-minute posts. Granted, when I sit down to write, it usually ends up being more than a 5-minute process. Still, the idea of capturing a simple moment, without stressing too much over whether it’s worth sharing or whether it’ll piss someone off is lovely. I think I’m keeping it.

I’m curled up in THE MOST comfortable, fluffy, incredible bed in Germany. I was alone about five minutes ago, but somehow all of the Wellman siblings have joined me since. Sounds weird, I know. I guess I’m just popular. They’re talking about gremlins and whether I count as a gremlin when I’m hungry (obviously I am). I’ve missed this. The chill mornings, the sibling banter, even the stupid arguments about nothing that inevitably pop up. I’ve missed family.

christmas market, nuremberg, germany, bavaria

I went to my first proper German Christmas market yesterday. The Nuremberg one is enormous, with around 180 stalls. It was surprisingly quiet the day we went. Don’t get me wrong, it was still bustling mayhem, but apparently last year it was like being in a tin of sardines, walking was impossible. But we were able to casually wander the stalls, nibble on spicy warm lebküchen, and drink toasty glühwein. I discovered that fresh lebküchen blows the packaged stuff out of the water and that German licorice is probably the best (sorry, Dutchies). It was drizzling slightly, which dampened our coats but did nothing to our spirits. The stalls were selling everything from Christmas ornaments to kitchen supplies and dollhouse treasures. I picked up a few little last-minute gifts and then rode the old merry-go-round one too many times… I actually nearly fainted about five minutes later. Oops. We came home happy and tired, with cold wet toes and little packages of candied nuts. Life is good.


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Already. Can you believe it? Where will you be for the holidays? Snow, sand, or rain?


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  1. Have a happy, happy season Hannah!

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