About Me


I’m a 20-something with a serious case of wanderlust. Over the past decade I’ve traveled to over twenty-six countries, on six different continents, using every form of transportation you can think of. As a kid, I wandered with my parents and three brothers. Now, I continue the adventure on my own. Right now, I’m trying to find a way to feasibly carry three or more instruments AND things that are “actually essential” to life on the road. You know, clothes, food, medical kits, the boring stuff. ;)

I’m a “world schooled” kid, meaning that I traveled full-time as a kid as part of my education. I studied all the required basics (math up through Calculus, the sciences, history, language, etc) and then some, self-teaching and participating in online courses. After finishing with high school material, I began taking Geography courses through Oregon State University’s e-distance program. The day after I turned 19, I moved to Kingston, Ontario. There I’m currently working on finishing up my bachelor’s honours degree through Queen’s University. I plan to go back to a nomadic lifestyle after I graduate, but for now I travel whenever I can between semesters. This is my thinking space!

Weird facts about me:

  • The ocean scares me.
  • I’m not bad at swordplay
  • I make hats
  • I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and early-onset arthritis
  • I’m a terrible dancer


Being able to support yourself through location independent work is a key part of living on the road, so I’ve created work for myself as a freelancer. I started this at 15 through a blogging mentorship at Wandering Educators and a writing gig at a little site called Teen Travel Talk. I write freelance, edit, set up and manage websites and social media, and teach creative writing skills via Skype. I’ve even ghost-written a book series. I’m an entrepreneur, so I’m usually up to some new money-making scheme on the side. In my spare time, I dress up as a fairy and fiddle for children’s camps or on the street. Just because.

I’m wildly passionate about travel and education. More than that, I want to encourage others to find creative ways to make their dreams a reality. I’m a musician, an artist, a writer, and an adventurer, and I plan on making my life a spectacular event.


The Long Story, for those who want the details: 

My time on the road officially started when my dad quit his job, we packed things into storage, sold the house in the backwoods of New Hampshire, and all six of us took off on a year-long trip through Europe and Northern Africa… on bikes. I was eleven at the time. It was a fantastic year, spent in tents and on the road, having adventure after adventure. While we were in Tunisia, the economy crashed, the money was gone, and my dad was forced to choose between going home and hunting for a job, and finding a way to make money while on the road. You could say he reinvented his work life. He now works as a freelance computer developer and programmer, and my mom works part-time as a freelance travel writer/editor/project leader, which is what inspired me to find ways to build an online career while traveling as well. It was freaking hard for them, but they persevered. Again, they are my inspiration.

We did come “home” a few months after the crash, but settling in just wasn’t working for us. So we kept going. We didn’t move every day, and were more likely to spend a few months in one place than to hop in a van and hit the road daily, but your method of traveling changes when it becomes your lifestyle.

Meet My Family


Dad: is a database developer and my very favorite genius. He’s also a big fan of foreign foods, likes to play rock n’ roll loud when we’re driving, and is all around pretty cool. Currently living his dream of sailing the world.


Mom, walking the Camino de Santiago.
Mom, walking the Camino de Santiago.

Mom: An incredible adventurer who inspires me every day. She was raised in an unusual manner also. The first few years of her life were spent in a little log cabin in the wilds of Canada, with no running water or power. She spent most of her childhood in various different log cabins, and attended school for a while before my Gramps pulled her out and took the family on the road for a while. The passion for travel was originally hers. She taught me to write, to sew, and to breathe fire. Currently traveling the world on her own terms and writing as she goes.


Gabriel: my eldest (younger) brother. We’re often mistaken for twins. We look alike, we have similar outlooks on life and the world around us, and we will often finish each other’s sentences. The sea is his love. Currently working as captain of a historic schooner in Maine.


Elisha: Although at first glance you might think him shy, he’s usually the first one to jump into a crowd and get to know people. He’s very observant, and sees the world differently than the rest of us do. Passionate about helping people in difficult situations. Currently kayaking Canada and dreaming up his next adventure.

Off on an adventure.
Off on an adventure.

Ezra: By far the most energetic of any of us. It doesn’t matter if he’s on the road or in the backyard, he’s always exploring something. He’s quite tough when it comes to stickily unpleasant situations, and always has been. He’ll muscle through difficult travel moments with more guts than anyone else. He’s the first to try something new, whether it be new foods or exciting activities. Currently planning to become a pilot.

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