And I’m Off – Downsizing, Moving, and Family Time

Exams are over.

I walked out of my final Geography exam at 10 pm last Friday night and took a deep breath. Second year, complete. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to crash and get some much-needed rest in for another day or two yet, but that exam marked the end of a long month of final projects and exam prep. Thank god. I’m ready for my summer break.

After a good night’s sleep, I was on to tackling my next big project: moving out. Ugh. Not my favorite part. How is it that I always accumulate STUFF when I stay in one place for even a month? After many Value Village runs and hard decisions, I made it down to four boxes of stuff: one for my elf/fairy costumes, one for my journals and important books, one for some decorations that are important to me, and one for bedding and my gorgeous formal gown. Bam! Downsizing for the win! All of my clothes, electronics, journals, medical kit stuff, and necessities for a year and a half of travel fit in my carry on bag from Tortuga Backpacks. Maybe I’ll do a “what’s in my backpack” post at some point to show you what I can’t (and what I do) live without on the road.

First days of summer. Feeling ready for some adventure!

Gramps came across on a rainy afternoon a few days later to help me load my boxes, sewing machine, hedgehog, and bicycle into his van. We drove back to the island together, watching the raindrops race down the windshield and chatting about our ancestors and days gone by. He told stories of being seven and pulling the chair out from behind a young bride at her wedding reception. “That may have been the most shameful moment of my life.” I giggled. I can only imagine a seven-year-old Gramps. What a mischief maker he must have been, considering how much of one he still is. He stopped at the Tim Horton’s drive-through and hilarity ensued. Trust Gramps to make every day an adventure.

Operator: *crackle* Hello, welcome to Tim Horton’s, how can I help you? (sounds like a teenager)
Gramps: Well, what a thing to ask! What do you think we’re here for?

Operator: Um…

Gramps, to me: What’s good here, anyway?

Gramps to the operator: And how are you doing today?
Operator: I’m fine, sir. Thank you for asking. What can I get you?

Gramps: Well, food, preferably. I think that’s what you usually get at these places. Unless you’re offering something else? No? Maybe a chicken wrap.

Operator: Of course. Crispy or grilled?
Gramps: Erm. Grilled? Grilled.

Operator: I’m sorry, I just realized we’re out of grilled.

Gramps: Well you’re a funny fellow! No, no. That’s fine. What do you think, can we lower ourselves to crispy?

Oh my. Always an adventure.

The rest of the week has gone by in a blur. I spent a glorious day with my grandparents. The weather was warm and wonderful for the first time this year. We had waffles for breakfast in the sun-room. I worked online all morning and then Grammy and I went for a long paddle in the canoe. We giggled over the fact that we’re both doing physio and feeling creaky in the mornings. Now we’re thinking about paddling the Rideau Canal in a few summers. Adventure is out there, even for creaky gals!

What a beauty. I’ll miss her muchly.

My last two days were spent at Mom’s, running errands, enjoying my last bit of time in Kingston, and soaking up some much-needed time with my Momma. I even tagged along to her silks lesson and spent some time hanging upside down by my feet. I’ll share a photo when I have one. I’m sure I looked ungainly, but it was a blast!

And now I’m in New York, enjoying some writing time at a coffee shop while Will’s at work. This is the quiet before the storm. On Tuesday night, I fly out from Syracuse to Indiana. I’m excited. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen my Indiana family. I just hope I can trust myself to know my limits and take breaks when I need them. I haven’t been this physically active in months. Hopefully my physio will have helped me to strengthen the muscles I’ll be relying heavily on over the next month. If not, I’m going to have to learn to tell people when I need to take breaks. This is tricky for me. I’ve always pushed through and endured days when I’ve felt crummy. That can’t continue. But what can I do? I feel crummy almost every day. I don’t want to sacrifice my life to this. The balance isn’t clear to me yet, but I may find it during this trip. Wish me luck!

My prickle-snoot is with Mom. I miss her already.

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  1. You miss me? Or the prickle-snoot? Giggle. She’s been sulking since you left.

  2. You’ve finished exams already? Lucky– I’ve got one more week of classes, then finals week! Ah well. Best of luck on your next round of adventuring. Here’s hoping I can start my own adventures over the summer with a few solo-trips of my own!

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