Welcome to Groningen

Hey people! I’m back. :D It’s been a long two weeks of travel, culture shock, and adventure. Feels good to have wifi and a comfy writing corner from which to think about the events of the past while. I’m currently flopped on the couch in my adorable new apartment. It’s an attic room, and while […]

Bus Station Blues: Heading For Ohio

(if this rambles or is too personal, sorry. It’s late. Or early?) It’s 2am and I’m leaning against the wall in the Syracuse Greyhound station, charging my phone up before the next round of buses. We’re in hour… let’s see… hour 15 of a 27 hour travel day. I think we must be out of […]

Homecoming Food Bucketlist

Hey peoples! I´m currently just two days away from my return date. On Thursday, volcano willing, I will fly back to Canada. (Seriously, volcano. If you blast so much ash into the atmosphere that my plane can´t make it off the ground, I will be more than a little miffed at you.) Will is going […]