Fire Walking, and The Mah Song

The Vegetarian Festival occurs once a year, and only in Phuket. In this festival, which celebrates the visitation of the nine gods to their followers, many processions are led by the mah song. The mah song are men and women who are considered to be pure, and are required to be unmarried. They are put […]

Foam Parties: Worth The Risk?

Waves crash onto the tropical beach.

Above, the moon peers out from behind her blanket of clouds, gazing serenely down on the spectacle unfolding beneath her. Flashing lights alternate between blue, green, and purple as loud party music blasts through the night. A black machine blasts foam high into the air, and the lights illuminate it, turning it all the colors of a rainbow. Soapy bodies jump up and down beneath the palm trees, dancing the night away. The revelers scream and laugh as the foam envelops their arms, legs, even their heads. A man picks up his friend, dumping him in a pile of suds four feet high. The soap thrashes and heaves, until the dancer bursts out again in a flying cloud of soap. He is entirely covered, and looks rather like a great white marshmallow monster.

Patong: My Thoughts

But although Patong has been fun, I do not think I would willingly live here for long. The very fact that the city caters to tourists in every way makes me uncomfortable. There is no way to truly experience the culture of Malaysia when in an environment set up primarily for other cultures to enjoy. Although we’ve been in Malaysia for a few days now, it still feels as if we haven’t entered the country at all!

McDonald’s in Malaysia, and Mom’s Home!

The very fact that there is a McDonalds in Patong should tell you something about the city.
Only the cities that make the “tourist hotspot” list posses one of these greasy American restaurants. I am ashamed to say that I was in fact, quite excited to eat there. I must say, I’m only ever excited to go to an American restaurant when we aren’t actually in America! Ezra pushed the doors open, and into an air-conditioned, red and gold piece of the States we ventured. There was the giant plastic clown, with his gigantic red shoes and slightly maniacal grin. There were the cheap plastic toys, cheaply advertised in a large plastic box. The smell of grease, grease, and more grease was in the air.