A Study-Abroad Christmas

christmas market, nuremberg, bavaria

I like the idea of 5-minute posts. Granted, when I sit down to write, it usually ends up being more than a 5-minute process. Still, the idea of capturing a simple moment, without stressing too much over whether it’s worth sharing or whether it’ll piss someone off is lovely. I think I’m keeping it. I’m […]

Off to Germany!

Okay, I have five minutes. Go! Good morning, world! We’re off to Germany this morning. It was NOT my quickest start ever, I’ll be honest. The plants needed to be watered, the dishes needed to be transferred to the washer, I couldn’t find my socks, my headphones went missing, I had to triple check to […]

Groningen Christmas Boats & Markets

Hey peeps, Another exam season, another wildly late post. What’s it been, almost a month now? How’s life treating you beautiful people? It’s been cold here. Not the teeth-numbing, bone-chilling cold that we often get up in Canada. This is more of a windy, wet cold. It rains every single day here in the Netherlands […]