Early Weeks in Groningen

Hey peeps! I meant to update you sooner, but ACK! I always forget how insane the first weeks of the fall semester can be. I have all the usual tasks for starters – buying books, finding classes, scheduling, last minute emergency class registration issues, finding school supplies, worrying about how expensive I am, etc. But […]

Welcome to Groningen

Hey people! I’m back. :D It’s been a long two weeks of travel, culture shock, and adventure. Feels good to have wifi and a comfy writing corner from which to think about the events of the past while. I’m currently flopped on the couch in my adorable new apartment. It’s an attic room, and while […]

2 Weeks Out

I took a little journey to the unknown… And I come back changed, I can feel it in my bones. Saturday evening, the first day of my birthday month. I have Lord Huron playing loudly. My room is full of the hot, sweet smell of coconut milk cookies baking. I’m curled up on my bed, […]