Sophistication, and V For Vendetta

As you may or may not know, I’m into being strangely sophisticated. Now, don’t immediately come to the conclusion that that means I’m eternally stiff and formal, drink my tea with an upright little finger, or have memorized all the various types of spoons and their proper usage. Not at all. In fact, there’s more […]

Getting Gold Fever at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat.

“Eh, watch the canaries now!” The gravely voice of an eighteenth century miner came through the loudspeaker, guiding us through the inky blackness of the mine. “If the air’s befouled, they’ll drop dead and we’ll know it’s not safe!”  “Oops.” Dad whispered. “It’s my fault.” Unfortunately, in this country everyone can understand everything we say. […]

Adventuring With Whales: Welcome To The Great Ocean Road

I’m not entirely sure what it is. Maybe it’s the gentle beauty that emanates from them. Maybe it’s their sheer size. Maybe it’s the unbelievable grace that they possess despite the fact that they weigh upwards of forty tons. Whatever it is, humans have been fascinated by whales for centuries. They play a massive part […]

World-schooling: A Podcast With Dr. Jessica Voigts

Prepare yourselves… I’m doing yet another post on world-schooling. In previous posts I’ve told answered that popular question traveling families often get, “What about school?”  I’ve revealed a few ways that world-schooling has ruined my childhood. But how do you do it? What are some great resources you can use? Do many families school this […]

Fire Walking, and The Mah Song

The Vegetarian Festival occurs once a year, and only in Phuket. In this festival, which celebrates the visitation of the nine gods to their followers, many processions are led by the mah song. The mah song are men and women who are considered to be pure, and are required to be unmarried. They are put […]