Interview with Nancy Vogel

Nancy Vogel (also know as FamilyOnBikes) is a world traveler, wife, and mother of two boys. A few years ago, the Vogel’s set off on a bicycle trip from Alaska to the tip of Argentina, completing their journey in three years. Nancy now lives in Boise, Idaho. She spared a few minutes of her time to share stories of her travels across the globe, and how it feels to have finally settled down.

Moped Tour Through Vietnam

Taking a tour through the Laotian countryside is one of the best ways to experience it. If you do it like we did, on mopeds, you will be able to see this part of the world in a way unlike any other. Our tour took us through a maze of rice paddies, over ancient bridges, and into little museums run by wrinkled old Laos women. Watch as one grandmother takes a liking to Ezra, and shares her betel nut with him!