Dear Irish Boy: A Fiddle Tune

Hi all!

A few of you have requested that I record a song or two. I finally got around to it! This is one of my favorites.

I’ve been working on my fiddling over these past few months in New Hampshire. It’s my first time since I turned eleven that I’ve been able to take lessons, and it’s been amazing. I’ve been studying with Ryan Thomson, one of my fiddle heroes.

Let me know if you have any tunes in particular that you’d be interested in hearing from me in the future. :)

(OTHER than Devil Went Down To Georgia. Hehe)




8 Replies to “Dear Irish Boy: A Fiddle Tune”

  1. Melissa Wild says: Reply

    love it!

  2. Dorothy M. says: Reply

    Wow! That was amazing, Hannah! That was really good! I could listen to you again and again. Dorothy
    It was beautiful music. I really liked the tune. I bet you will do good with your fiddle. But wait! You already are good with your fiddle! Love, Celia

  3. Beautiful!
    I’d be interested in hearing ANYTHING from you in the future. One of my favorites is Shadows by Lindsey Stirling.

  4. That was beautiful! You’re really good! How long have you been playing? I love anything Celtic.

  5. Very beautiful and haunting. I love it. One of these days you should record an album. I’d buy it. Love you chica.

  6. Very haunting and beautiful! I close my eyes and feel transported to a misty Irish hillside of long ago.

  7. Come back to NH soon so we can play together at The Mill….

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