Elephant Riding In Pai, Thailand

Elephant riding is one of those things that can be easily found on nearly everyone’s bucket list! My family and I were able to experience it during our stay in Northern Thailand. In all of our travels, I don’t think we’ve ever had a more exciting and eagerly awaited day than this one! Care to join us?


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  1. We recently visited Thailand and after investigating we decided not to go elephant riding because of the tremendous torture the poor animals receive to get trained for trekking. Instead, we went to Elephant Nature Park, where they rescue elephants from trekking, circuses and other tourist attractions. There we learned of the cruelty these beautiful creatures go through, from the time they are hunted, to when they are trained, and to the excessive physical demands they are put through to entertain tourists. We spent the day with elephants in rehabilitation, many with broken hips due to tourists riding them in these elephant trekking parks. It was very sad and I literally spent most of the day in tears, but thankful that there are alternatives to these elephant riding “adventures”. If you ever get to go back to Thailand, I hope you can visit parks like these instead of elephant riding camps, and hope you can also help spread the word and help others become more conscious of how the choices they make as tourists affect others around them, both people and other living beings.

    1. Hi Dani. Thanks for your comment! Also, thank you so much for being aware of this issue and taking the time to spread that information. We spent a lot of time learning about this in Thailand and it broke my heart. So when we went to visit the elephants, we made sure to do it responsibly! We visited Thom’s Elephant Camp, the oldest elephant camp in the area. It’s family run and is dedicated to elephant welfare. Please check out the website here: http://www.thomelephant.com.

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