Exams, Trip Prep, and Hedgie Bubbles

dyed hair, edventuregirl

Hello again.

Another week, gone, just like that. Every morning as I slowly come back to the world, staring at the ceiling, I can’t help but take in the fact that a whole day has passed since yesterday morning. It’s so weird to stop and think about time, the way it slips past. I think I remember hearing a BBC narrator call it “the inexorable passage of time.” Well, that’s what I’ve been thinking about. The inexorable passage of time. It seems like there’s no way to slow it down and no way to speed it up, but once it slips past the keel, it’s gone. The clock is ticking away the moments until my next exam, my packing day, my flight to Indiana, my flight to Guatemala, the list goes on. It’s overwhelming. Finding ways to stay in the present moment can be difficult when I feel constantly rushed onward to the next thing.

dyed hair, edventuregirl
Changed my hair. Purple and green edventure machine!

I’m writing this in the cafeteria of a community college somewhere in New York. Will rescued me for the evening and gave me a change of pace. He’s in his bartending class right now and I’m supposed to be studying for my physical geography exam, but frankly I’m tired of studying. I’ve been studying all week. My brain is packed full of fluvial and aeolian processes and landforms. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved this class. But I’m definitely ready for a rest. The exam is tomorrow night, from 7-10pm, and if I think about it anymore I’ll go nuts. So instead of thinking about it, I’m drinking a tiny chocolate milkshake, trying not to get my keyboard sticky, and having nightmarish thoughts about cafeteria food.

I finally have my lodging situation sorted out in Guatemala! Originally, I thought I was going to be staying with a local Guatemalan family. However, it turns out that another student will be coming down to intern as well. I’ll be rooming with that person in a little two-bedroom apartment in central Antigua. I have mixed feelings about this. At first I was slightly disappointed. I was both dreading and looking forward to staying with a local family. Dreading it, because my Spanish skills absolutely suck right now and it’d be way out of my comfort zone. Looking forward to it, because I don’t get pushed out of my comfort zone very often anymore and I know I’d learn a ton. However, the new arrangement will probably be quieter and I know I’ll have other opportunities to push my limits. I just wish I knew more about the other student! I know they’re from Toronto, but that’s all. Gender: unknown (though given social rules in Guatemala, I really expect them to be female-identifying). Age: unknown (young?). Personality: not a clue. I look forward to meeting them. I’m kind of hoping for an adventurous, unusual, creative person. I feel like the odds are good, given the fact that you have to be brave and adventurous to take on an internship in an unfamiliar country with an unfamiliar language. Fingers crossed!

hedgehog, bubble bath, edventuregirl
Ever seen a hedgie in a bubble bath? No? Now you have.

When I think of leaving Kingston, I feel a bit sad, though. Isn’t that strange?! I’ve been so surprised! I’ve been dying to get on the road again, but now that I have the chance, I’m feeling homesick already. Me, homesick. That hasn’t happened since we first left NH nine years ago. Kingston truly does feel like home now. I have people here. I know the shops and restaurants and streets. I have memories here. I adore this city. Coming home in a year and a half will be just as lovely as leaving for adventures is. It’s good to remember what that feels like.

How are you people? Did you have a great Easter weekend? Planning any upcoming trips? Hey, if you’re going to be in Guatemala from May-July, hit me up!

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  1. Glad to see you back and feeling more positive. Where is the hedgy going whilst you are in Guatemala?


    1. Clove will be staying with my mom, and with a close family friend when mom is away doing conferences. She’ll be well looked after! I wouldn’t have gone if it meant ditching her, I’m not okay with discarding pets when they become “inconvenient.” Plus, she’s my prickle princess. I adore her. :)

      1. Steph Horner says: Reply

        I had a vision of her being smuggled in your hand luggage. Not entirely practical!

        I’m enjoying your writing please keep going. You have an interesting take on things. :-)

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