First Days In Thailand: Bangkok

Sun warms my back as I walk through the crowded streets of Bangkok.

All around me, new sights, sounds and smells assault my senses. It’s been a while since everything surrounding me is different from anything I’ve experienced before. Street vendors sit next to their carts, waving paper fans at the flies, and the aroma of roasting fish, baking meats, and foreign foods fills the air. Men on mopeds zip around cars and buses at breakneck speeds, honking loudly at anyone who gets in the way. I find myself lost in the exciting newness of this concrete jungle.

Luckily for me, nearly everyone in Bangkok speaks at least a little English,

which makes the readjustment a little easier. My family and I wandered through the streets that day, going nowhere in particular, simply following our feet as we soaked in this new place. Thai people stopped and stared at us as we wandered through parts of the city not frequently visited by foreigners. As we walked past families eating and friends visiting, I heard them whisper “gringos” and stare after us. I smiled. In this, Thailand is just like every other third world country I have ever visited. There is no going unnoticed for foreign travelers here!

As we wandered back towards our hotel, I realized that I had enjoyed just the briefest taste of Thailand in that one afternoon. Even so, I found the culture amazing, the food delicious, and each new sight astounded me! Luckily, the adventure isn’t over yet! In the next six months, I’m sure I will become better acquainted with Thai culture, while adding some great new adventures to my list!

I can’t wait!

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  1. “gringos?” or “farang?” Same difference I guess! ;)

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