Frosh Week 2015: Day 2, “Caf” and Tri-Colour Paint

Day 2:

It looks like Orientation days will be full day affairs. This morning we were all herded into an auditorium (I was snagged by the girls of group #42) and had the opportunity to learn about sexual health, Dungeons and Dragons, and theater. I’ve got nothing. Again, who on the FYNIR committee decided those three things were the most important? I’m not sure how to feel about this.


I had lunch in a cafeteria today. My school’s cafeteria. This is an incredibly weird feeling. I have a school, and it has a cafeteria full of loud people and crazy amounts of food. I’d rather bring my own lunch than fight for it in a cafeteria line, but still. It was kind of cool. There are so many things that ordinary school-going kids have done that I’ve never experienced before. Taking a bus to school. Cafeteria lunches. Seeing the same people in the same place for school-related activities multiple days in a row, and having them not be family members. Spending all day walking around campus, painting yourself red, yellow, and blue, meeting people you’ll spend the next four years with. I’m beginning to enjoy it. I have now sung all of the chants unabashedly and danced through a rugby field painted like a Gael with over 500 other people. I can’t believe I’m enjoying this. It’s really not my thing. But I’m having a blast.


Also, I am totally exhausted from the physical exertion of walking all day, and doing the Frosh Olympics, and dancing (badly) more than a little. Carina, my roommate, thought I was drunk when I got home, due to my loose-limbed flop towards the fridge. My arms and legs have given up on me. I’m a floppy gelatin creature in need of sleep. Goodnight.

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  1. What on earth was contained in the Dungeons and Dragons information? A warning or an introduction?

    1. Basically it was a gangly fellah in a white shirt who said something along the lines of, “which would you rather do? Spend a night studying or watching TV, or battle a cyclops in full armor?” It was amusing.

  2. When our son was a freshman at Ball State, his dorm had all this stuff going on about Gods and Goddesses — all very Greco-Roman, although with no allusion to fraternities and sororities. I thought it was all kind of corny, and I think he mostly blew off all the activities and hung out with a couple friends who were also on campus. But for some, I imagine it was a good thing, a means of making them feel like they were welcome on campus and a part of it..

  3. PS: Re: “Caf” — In the 80s, I worked for a company headquartered in Boston, and I often went for training somewhere in that metro area. People always went for lunch in the “Caf.” I guess that’s a northeastern US / southeastern CA kind of thing… ;)

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