Home Again

Home again. Will and I lucked out on a Chopin concert in Paris’ oldest church for our last night of the trip. As I sat there listening to the pianist work his magic, I thought about the past month and all the adventures I experienced. Football night in Amsterdam, Gruyere and the Giger Museum, the incredible food and culture of Milan, castles, train mishaps, and wandering Paris, to name a few. It’s passed so quickly.

Can you see the Eiffel Tower in the back?
Can you see the Eiffel Tower in the back?

Saying goodbye was hard. We tried not to mention it at all. The morning of my departure it actually wasn’t terrible, partially because we had to juggle train schedules and actually ended up getting a bit lost on our way to meet Mom. We zigged when we should have zagged and ended up walking a few kilometers in the rain. After connecting with Mom, we headed back to the train station and boarded the train towards the international airport. Will stepped off a few stops before us. The last I saw of him he was sitting on the platform, his hat scrunched down on his head, scruffy as always. By the end of the day he was safely home in Germany.

Saying goodbye in the metro.
Saying goodbye in the metro.

Mom and I fought our way through lines and the disorganized mess that was the boarding gate, and found ourselves in Montreal seven hours later. The boys have grown considerably just since I’ve been away. Gabe is huge. The dude is a good deal taller than me now, which I’ll admit is a bit weird. Soon people will go from thinking that we’re twins to thinking he’s the oldest, which will be even stranger. Ezra bounced all over me, asking innumerable questions about Paris, Will’s little sister (one of his best buddies), and the trip in general. The questioning still hasn’t quite died out. Elisha gave me a big bear hug and asked to see my stitches, then promptly gagged and wished he hadn’t.


I wasn’t ready to come home. Nowhere near it. Of course I’d missed my family to some extent, but I never really got homesick the way I thought I would. Maybe that’s just because it’s about time for me to be moving on? I really enjoyed having complete control over what I’d do with my day, where I’d go and when, and being independent. Unfortunately, I can’t quite sustain it yet, which is why I’m back here to keep working at school and build up my online business. I’m looking at getting my TESL certificate this fall, which should be extremely helpful. If this trip taught me anything, it’s how much I look forward to being on my own. Don’t take this to mean I’ve got an issue with my family. We have a great relationship. But I turn eighteen this month, and I find myself suddenly in a hurry to be self-sufficient and capable of traveling and experiencing life on my own.


At any rate, here I am again, back in Canada. The next month or so will be extremely busy for us. I’ll do my best to keep you updated. We’ll be spending a week in British Columbia with my uncle, and a week on a cruise to Alaska! Very exciting stuff. I’ll be completely off the grid for both weeks. My next post will likely come shortly afterwards. I apologize for the fact that they’ve been out of order and a bit sporadic! Internet has been highly problematic lately. All well, that’s part of living on the road!

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    It’s definitely normal to be eager to get out and spread your wings no matter how wonderful your family is. So glad you had such a great time.

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