I Need You! Please help me win a scholarship.

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Thank you all for your help!


Okay, folks. If you’ve been reading and appreciating my blog, the time has come to give me a hand with something! I’m trying to win a scholarship, but I need votes to get it done. The judges want to see that other people support me. It takes a second of your time and it could help me to share more adventures with you this year while I’m in Europe. Please PLEASE take a minute to give me a vote! Cross your fingers, Groningen, here we come!

Vote here!

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  1. Voted and shared on FB, Twitter, and G+1. Good luck!

  2. Voted. Also random fact from my current book: one of the largest gas fields in the world discovered in the world is called the Groningen gas field. It was discovered in 1959. Good luck with the scholarship.

  3. Carolyn L Naayem says: Reply

    Hannah, I love your writing,.It is witty and genuine and very expressive. I hope that you do get a scholarship. You really deserve it.

    Best Wishes,
    Carolyn Skye Naayem

  4. 4 email addresses. 4 votes…. ;)

  5. Here’s some more about gas fields. The Corrib (a river) gas field was discovered off the north west county
    Mayo in Ireland in 1996. Royal Dutch Shell took over the running of the well in 2002 and proceeded with the construction of the pipeline against massive opposition of the local community which led to a lot of
    trouble locally. The location is 52 miles out to sea and construction of the pipeline and the onshore plant
    was only completed only in very recent years. Last week we heard shell has just sold it’s interest in the
    project with a loss to the Shell company of 2.5billion Euros. perhaps this could be of use to you if you find the subject interesting, you can research further. Tony

  6. Shane Duckworth says: Reply

    Voted! You are amazing and you are changing the world. Keep it up!

  7. Tried to vote but I get a message saying I am not authorized to access the page. Huh?

    1. I think I´ll take the post down. Voting closed, apparently. Thank you for being willing to help out!

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