If You’ve Done Over Half These Things, You’re A Legit Traveler

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… Because Buzzfeed doesn’t have a clue. My inspiration for this piece: an article claiming that your status as a “real” traveler comes down to whether you’ve missed a few flights or not. Ha! What is a real traveler, anyway?

Are you a “legit” traveler? Or do you spend more time Pinteresting your next destination rather than planning it for real? Can you boast of having tried a dozen weird foods in weirder locales? Let’s find out. How many of the following are true for you?

You’re a legit traveler if you’ve:

  • Had gastrointestinal distress in Central or South America. NTAF, guys (never trust a fart).
  • Waited in a security line for over an hour
  • Have had a harrowing border experience
  • Used the “point and hope” method when ordering food
  • You’re not sure whether someone asked you for money or assaulted you
  • Accidentally use words from three different languages while ordering breakfast because you haven’t had your tea yet
  • Know when bribing an official is mandatory and when it’s definitely not something you’d ever do, sir (nope, nope)
  • Can list at least three whacky types of transportation you’ve used (tuk-tuk, chicken bus, camel)
  • Some of the best adventures of your day were totally unplanned
  • Have learned the cultural differences between what qualifies as pizza
  • Appreciate a warm shower as a luxury
  • Have ever woken up and been unable to remember which country you’re in
  • Your shoes are crusted with cross-continental crap from the last two years
  • Been in an airplane that rattled so much, you weren’t sure you’d survive
  • Crapped in a jungle or on a sacred tree (oops) somewhere
  • Made friends in every country you’ve visited
  • Know how to say, “No, THANKS” politely but firmly in at least three languages
  • Packing in a carry on is your go to, if you can.
  • Have accidentally eaten something you’d never eat intentionally (jellyfish and dog, anyone?)
  • Know which borders are easy to cross and have a favorite/least favorite
  • Have missed a flight and cashed in on the vouchers to take yet another trip
  • Sometimes can’t remember where you’re actually from, when asked
  • Love “rental families” that have adopted you around the world
  • Cry when you have to get rid of your shoes, because you’ve done so much together
  • Are super cool with any form of transportation, because you had to ride a tuk-tuk with 5+ people in it once
  • See another person wearing Keens and get really excited
  • Visited a hospital in another country at least once… not for fun
  • Get really confused when someone asks you which country is your favorite
  • Have “quick-dry” underwear because the travel clothing industry is odd. See point 1.

And most of all… you know that no bucket list could ever determine whether or not you’re a REAL traveler. Spoiler: If you’ve traveled, you’re a real traveler. Congrats!

I know you people have stories. What can you add to my list? What experience makes you a “real” traveler?

4 Replies to “If You’ve Done Over Half These Things, You’re A Legit Traveler”

  1. * You travel to New Zealand just to get rid of the cross-continental crap on your shoes.

  2. Real travellers know that a big scarf/pashmina is a tent a blanket an appropriate arm/head covering a pillow and potential bandage or sling…a towel when you get the chance for an unexpected shower or swim …a skirt and a useful thing to tie down luggage…the list goes on…in short. Never leave home without one😀

    1. So true! I have one that folds up small enough to fit in my day pack. Backpackers and Hitchhikers across the Galaxy know this: always carry a towel. Or a scarf.

  3. Real travellers accept the hospitality of complete strangers | So many great experiences on the road have started off by trusting my instincts that the person in front of me is good’un

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