I’m Still Alive!

Good morning, all!

I apologize for the delay in posts. When I started getting messages from you checking to see if I was still alive or if I’d died on one of my adventures, I figured it was time for an update.

All is well here in Guatemala. Life has been moving at a rate that is simultaneously frighteningly fast and cripplingly slow. San Marcos is a very “hippie” kind of town, where everyone knows everyone else, people hug for about 15 seconds too long, spiritual energy and shamanism are common topics of conversation, and each day isn’t much different from the one before it. No one ever knows precisely what time it is, because it doesn’t matter. Here, you eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, and the rest of the time you’re learning or building or changing in some way. It’s easy to lose track of the weeks. People come here to visit for a few days and are still here months later.


But as we’re getting closer and closer to our departure date (mid-April), I’m looking at the summer ahead and beginning to feel a little frantic. This is the metaphorical calm before the storm. As soon as we touch ground in the States, we’ll be whirled off on a series of events that’ll set a pace much different from the one we have here.

First it’ll be a few weeks of visiting family and friends in the U.S., then we’ll be hauling a few necessary things out of our storage box in NH and moving into a house we’ll be renting up on Wolfe Island, Ontario. That house will act as home base for us over the summer as we all go our own ways. I’ll be galavanting around the Midwest with my boyfriend to see family and some friends, going on a women’s empowerment and global leadership retreat in Peru, possibly getting my motorcycle license, and getting settled in Kingston. Fall will bring the start of my time at Queen’s University, and I’ll be settled in for the long haul.

The Manlet and I, on one of our weekend adventures.
The Manlet and I, on one of our weekend adventures.10430437_450571195097890_7063073588334279634_n

It doesn’t sound like much, but it’ll be quite a rush compared to our life here. In the meantime I’ve been busy writing, editing, teaching, doing odd SEO and management jobs; I even built a website! I’ve been learning all I can about as many different aspects of blogging and website management as possible.

Yesterday night I had an idea for a book. It’s rather a good one, so I might work on it over the summer. My time getting my TEFL certification in NYC taught me that even when I think I’m overloaded with projects and have no time, I still have more time than I’d have working a full-time job (I was doing 14-16 hour days).

I believe that concludes the update. I haven’t been doing much of interest these past few weeks; just working, creating rock castles on the beach and building fires on occasion, teaching creative writing (they’re working on short novels right now. Exciting stuff!), planning for the summer, and trying not to panic about how quickly this year is going to fly by. The adventures haven’t killed me yet! I’m hoping there won’t be snow when I get back… What are the chances, do you think?

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  1. dbartenstein says: Reply

    So when will you be in NH? A stop at The Mill for open mic is requisite….

    1. End of April, early May, I believe. If we’re there on the right day, I’ll show up!

  2. Hello lovely, glad to hear you’re keeping well and really pleased things seem to be falling into place…..although I got all excited thinking you were going to be studying at Queens in Belfast (you know that’s the famous one, right? :) ) I had to google before I told the kids! Taking things out of storage’you guys have got me worried. Say hi to everyone and take care.

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