Mars Cheese Castle

Few know about this weird and wacky destination, but that’s no reason not to stop by! This two story high palace is dedicated mainly to cheeses, but also features candies, jellies, meats, wines and more! Local farmers use the Mars Cheese Castle as a way to sell their delicious fresh produce, and visiting is a wonderful experience.

My favorite part about visiting the Mars Cheese Castle is… the cheese! Some of Wisconsin’s finest cheddars can be found here, sitting in perfect rows next to various cheeses from around the world. It’s hard to decide on any one; all are good! I would highly recommend the cheddar curds and onion cheddar cheeses in particular. While in Wisconsin, you may as well try the local delicacies!

If cheeses aren’t really your thing, and you have a sweet tooth, then trying heading over to the candy instead. I have never found a greater selection of candy anywhere in the states thus far. They have all the best European candies, along with some classic American favorites. Try the Sea Salt Chocolate. Although the name is strange, the flavor will send you back for another bar! The Haribo Goldbears are also delicious. These little gummies are originally German, but have finally made their way to the states.

Do you like chocolate? Licorice? Cheese? Salami? Have you been looking for something you can’t find anywhere else? No matter your age, you will find something at the Mars Cheese Castle perfect for you!

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  1. I LOVE the Mars Cheese Castle!! On my way to college every summer I stopped there to get my fill before getting to Indiana.

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