Midnight Writing

Hey guys, how’s it going?

I know it’s late, but it’s the only time I’ve had to write. I wanted to sit down and get some writing done last weekend, but that didn’t happen. I was too tired. I’d planned to get all the “extras” done over the weekend. Instead, I slept, ate junk food, and enjoyed life as a blanket burrito. Funny how a work schedule can turn into a Netflix binge session on the weekends.

Don’t let my weekend fool you, though. I’ve been crazy busy, as usual. Trying to get through school while building a location-independent career for myself simultaneously is tricky. It can be a lot to juggle, some weeks. I estimated that last week I was working 13 hour days between coursework and online gigs. I’ve been teaching and doing social media work, the usual. I also recently got a gig doing SEO work on WorldTowning (previously known as Goodie Goodie Gumdrop). If you haven’t seen that website, you definitely should check it out. Working with them has been fantastic so far, but time intensive compared to the gigs I usually take on! They’re having me work 15 hours a week. This might not seem like too much when compared to a full-time job, but consider that I’m working 4-5 other gigs as well at any given time. I’m definitely knuckling down lately.

Why have I been working so hard? I’m more than providing for myself at this point. I’m making twice as much as I need to cover my usual monthly expenses, which is freaking amazing. Not to pat myself on the back too much, but I’ve only been working at this intensively for two years now. I’m so excited about the fact that I’m building a self-crafted career that I can travel with. Anyway. Why not relax and simply maintain enough gigs to cover my living expenses?

Because I’m dreaming big right now. You know me. I’m usually thinking up some new plan or goal. But as I test my wings and gain confidence in my “grown up” abilities, my dreams keep getting bigger. Here’s what I have lined up for the next two years:

  • Now-May – Work my a** off to finish this school year with a good GPA (maybe go up a point or two?) and save the big bucks. Get rid of most of my stuff.
  • May-June-July – Internship in Guatemala! The details are beginning to come together. I’m practicing Spanish in my spare time (it’s way too rusty, I’m nervous), trying to ascertain whether flights are covered by the university, and researching the project. I’ll be working in a photography archive. From what I’ve been able to tell (all communications are in Spanish), it focuses on the recent genocide period in Guatemalan history. I’m fascinated. I can’t wait. I’ve been lined up to stay with a local family in Antigua once I arrive.
  • July-September – Undetermined. I want to see my boys and Dad. It’ll have been seven months. I’ve never been away from them for that long before. Growing up sucks, in some ways. There are also some people living in the US that I haven’t seen in way too long. I’d love to meet up with them before the next (super) big thing…
  • September 2017-September 2018 – I’m going to be in Europe, y’all. That is, if all goes to plan. I won’t know for sure for another ten days. I’ve applied through the Queen’s International Exchange Program to 6 different universities in Europe, four of which are in Scotland. One of those, St. Andrews, has a fantastic scholarship opportunity. Unfortunately, I did hear back from them and I wasn’t accepted. I’m a bit on edge now about the others, as a result. This is my biggest dream, for the moment. How cool would it be to attend university in Scotland for a year? The thought gives me butterflies in my stomach. The emotion is the same as that of falling in love. I have to do this.
  • Will, by sheer coincidence, is also going to school in Europe. Only, where I’m going for one year, he’s going for three. People have asked us if we planned to both end up in the UK next year. To be perfectly honest, it was a complete coincidence. He was planning to go to school in Europe but wasn’t sure where or when exactly. I was planning on going on exchange, but Queen’s told me I was a third-year student and wouldn’t qualify (it’s a long story). And within a few weeks of each other, everything came together unexpectedly for both of us. I worked like a crazy woman to get Queen’s to change their mind about my unique credit situation and Will was accepted to Bournemouth University. We won’t exactly be close to each other next year, but there won’t be an ocean between us. It’s an unintentional plus.
  • So because we’re both going to Europe at approximately the same time, we’re planning to travel together. Our travel dream is to take the Queen Mary 2 from NYC to the UK. We’ve both always wanted to do a classic trans-Atlantic cruise, and it would be such a cool time to do it. For him, it would be almost symbolic. I’m going on exchange for a year, but he’s setting off for a new chapter in his life. He’s chasing a dream he’s been working towards for a couple of years now. When this guy decides what he wants for his future, he will cross continents and work nights to get it. Proud of him.

So that’s why I’m working like a madwoman and writing at midnight. I have international travel and an internship to look forward, and I have to pay for these things somehow. One of the reasons I’m excited about the career I’m building for myself is that it’ll come with me as I travel over the next year or two. I can work from a coffee shop in Antigua on weekends. I don’t have to save up my lodging money for the exchange, I’ll just bring my computer along. And it’s my Love’s dream to do this trans-Atlantic adventure with me. It’s such a joy to have the opportunity to work and save to do that with him. Whenever I feel like complaining about my long days, I remind myself that I’m working towards my own dreams and goals. These long days equate to a real future that I can look forward to. How cool is that?

Time to get some sleep. I hope you’re all doing well! How’s life been treating you lately? What have you been working on?

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  1. My birthday is this coming weekend and, while I’m not sure I completely connect with the age I’ll be claiming, reading your post somehow makes me realize that I am NOT as young as I once was. It sounds like a cop-out I guess, but I cannot imagine organizing all of the things you are organizing. It would be amazing to sit down to a cup of tea with you and just listen to you talk.

    1. To be fair… I can’t imagine it either. I’m just kind of doing it without allowing myself to think about it too much. ;)

  2. Keep going Chica! So proud of all your things!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Hannah. You are doing a great job juggle it all and working on our SEO stuff at the same time. You know if you ever need to cut back hours we understand. Keep up the great work. It is all coming together for you, what a fantastic game plan you have laid out.

  4. I a actually follow WorldTowning. What are you doing for them? That’s exciting. I’ve never really been that busy so I’m glad to hear you’re able to keep up. My hope is that your health stays good and you can continue on this path. More pictures would be nice to see when you travel too

    1. I’m going through all of their posts and helping them reorient with the change from Goodie Goodie Gumdrop to WorldTowning. Also doing some basic editing. And yes, I’ll definitely post more photos when I get on the road! :)

  5. Excited for you — and already missing you! Love you!

  6. Gram — that last comment was mine!

  7. Will your grandparents be in Central America at the same time you plan to be there? (I used the generic term because I can’t remember if it’s Guatemala or Nicaragua that they like to visit.)

    1. I have no idea. I’m trying to sort out all the logistics right now. I desperately need to go to Indiana and visit some folks before I go. I’d love to hit NH as well, but I don’t know how I can possibly do that.

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