My Top Travel Backpack Pick: Tortuga Backpacks

Before you ask, no, this post is not sponsored in any way. But hey, if Tortuga wants to send me stuff, I’m always down with that! (wink wink)

As someone who travels frequently, on a budget, and with a few physical limitations, having the perfect travel backpack is extremely important to me. My shoulders will dislocated under the weight of a poorly balanced pack. Airlines will charge us more if we check multiple bags every time we fly. And finally, I love a bag that allows for easy organization.

While nothing beats a big-ass backpacker’s pack for your first big Europe trek or hiking adventure, I started to realize the flaws in that system when I started doing regular travel on my own. Here’s what I had for my first big solo adventure in Europe:

And here’s what I have now:

… and a fiddle.

Sorry about the terrible photo quality. But see the difference? I’ve moved entirely to carry on travel through Tortuga Backpacks, saving me time and money on all forms of transportation. And for the record, I would do a three month trip through Europe again with the new setup.


  • Lightweight travel saves money – no more exorbitant airline fees for those of us who like budget travel (cough, RyanAir, cough)
  • Less time waiting around at a baggage claim
  • Less physical pain and exhaustion from lugging around stuff I really don’t need.
  • Packing cubes, organizational hacks, and a bag designed specifically for digital nomads. Heck yes.
  • High quality design that doesn’t wear out on me easily.


  • Less room for souvenirs, you’ll need to be a smart packer.
  • You’ll still be carrying something, for you roller bag die-hards out there.

Now you know what gear I use! While it has been hard to give up my pack rat tendencies, the benefits of carry on travel far outweigh my need to carry a dozen books along. What gear do you prefer?

Check it out: The Setout series just launched. This is their best pack yet! If you’re looking for the ultimate travel lifestyle backpack, this is what you need.


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