Off to Germany!

Okay, I have five minutes. Go!

Good morning, world! We’re off to Germany this morning. It was NOT my quickest start ever, I’ll be honest. The plants needed to be watered, the dishes needed to be transferred to the washer, I couldn’t find my socks, my headphones went missing, I had to triple check to be sure that yes, I did have my passport. We were hoping to be out by 8am. A full hour late, I finally made it to the hotel where Will’s mom has been staying for the past few nights. Oh well.

We have a six hour drive ahead of us across the Germany-Netherlands border and all the way to Ansbach. I’m hoping to see a little snow along the way. Over the next week we’ll be baking Christmas goodies, wandering Christmas markets, and enjoying some much-needed family time. It’s a little bittersweet. This is my first Christmas away from my own beautiful family. I’m easing into the transition by spending the time with my other family, of course, but it’s still a somewhat sad sensation.

Time’s up! I’m off.

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