Off to NYC on a Peter Pan Bus… Guess What’s On My Seat?

Troll urine or fairy vomit? On a Peter Pan bus, the sticky liquid on the seat beside me could have been either one, or maybe something even less pleasant. I didn’t want to think about it. At six in the morning, having spent all of yesterday moping on the couch with a stomach bug, the last thing I wanted to do was stare at the sticky mess beside me and wonder if it was more than just a spilled drink.

Peter Pan buses are not nearly as exciting as I used to think they would be. It was sad, really. When I was little, I used to stare at the grimy green buses with my favorite storybook character printed on their sides and imagine that they were run by fairies and pirates, with the occasional Indian princess thrown in. In reality, they’re more like the “chicken bus” of North America. Just as much grime, just as much noise; but without the goats.


Taking off… EARLY!
Taking off… EARLY!

I ended up meeting some interesting people. The woman behind me cheerfully admired the sunrise with me. It was utterly glorious, a dull red that turned gold and then peachy. It’s hard not to feel excited and invigorated when you’re setting off on an adventure by yourself, and there’s an incredible sunrise to see you off. She got off half way to NYC, still beaming and greeting everyone with a compliment or a cheerful, “Good morning!”

A big teddy bear of a fellow sat by me and talked about the city as he took pictures out the window and ate my Cadbury mini-eggs. He told me he was going on a trip with his family. In fact, I think half the people on the bus were related to him in some way. They were all singing beautifully, but I don’t think any of them were singing the same thing at the same time.

And then the NYC skyline loomed up for just a moment before we sped into a labyrinth of tunnels beneath Manhattan. I had no idea they were so extensive! It was the first time I’ve been to a bus station that was three levels below the surface. It’s a bit like a modern Cretan Labyrinth. I got terribly lost trying to find the Italian restaurant where the other lovely ladies who’d be exploring NYC with me were having a quick lunch. I ended up going up and down at least five flights of stairs before I finally found them.


A fellow on the subway with me (kind of) before I even arrived in NYC. Thanks, Melissa, for this picture!
A fellow on the subway with me (kind of) before I even arrived in NYC. Thanks, Melissa, for this picture!

And then! The adventures! If all had gone as planned, I would have arrived with the others the day before. As it was, I came down with a terrible stomach bug and had to stay home. It was only due to some pleading on Mom’s part, and a great deal of generosity on Dad’s that I got to go at all. I had a blast, once there! We spent the weekend taking in the sights and sounds of the city with the girls from The Mama Bus website and our good friends Melissa and Anevay. I’ve compiled some photos for you, and I’ll probably post more about it over the next few days!


The girls… We were photobombed!
The girls… We were photobombed!
...And the ladies!
…And the ladies!



We explored some great tea places and restaurants!
We explored some great tea places and restaurants!




(I never did figure out if the stuff on the seat was troll urine or fairy vomit… Could have been crocodile mucus, I suppose)

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  1. LOVE this. I think it might be dragon snot.

  2. That’s one of the most amazing jackets I’ve ever seen.

    1. Thanks! I made it recently. :)

  3. You look as if you thought Peter Pan might show up to whisk you away with him, lol! Pretty cool boots!

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