Outer Spaces: A Wandercreature Webcomic

Outer Spaces, webcomic, inspiration

Hello, beautiful people! I have some fun and unusual news for you. I’ve been turned into a character in a webcomic, Outer Spaces. Yep, you read that correctly. Here I am:

Outer Spaces, Wandercreature, webcomic, inspiration

I look fabulous, don’t I?

Pardon my excitement, this is new for me.

As you might be aware, William  (or Wandercreature, as he’s known online) is an artist. Rather a good one, actually. His specialty is in character design and creation, and he’s busily practicing for his transfer to Europe next year to attend university. I “help”, kind of. Little things I say and do inevitably end up in his art or characters. I’m certainly not motivational poster material. I stumble through life like everyone, just doing my best to live a good life. I fight hard to never give up on my dreams, yet so do most people, I think. But I guess I must have some quotable moments and memorable character traits because here we are! Although Wandercreature has worked on several different projects, he recently started this one, Outer Spaces. It’s not his most complex work, usually put together in a quiet half hour in the morning, but it’s my favorite by far. Meant to brighten the days of anyone in need of a smile, it updates daily: an interesting reflection paired with simple art. I’ll share a tidbit with you, but I invite you to head on over to Tapastic and sign up for a daily update. It’s free, and it’s a beautiful insight into our daily life, inspired by the conversations we have with each other and interesting humans. I’ll see you there?

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anxiety, Wandercreature, Outer Spaces, webcomic

Wandercreature, Outer Spaces, webcomic


Wander creature, meaningful things, inspiration, web comic

3 Replies to “Outer Spaces: A Wandercreature Webcomic”

  1. I love that your character is called Wilder. That is my baby sons name :)

    1. I’ve wanted to change my name to Wilder, Willow, Jupiter, or Rowan, but haven’t had the guts to do it yet.

  2. I think Wilder is fantastic – obviously. We love Laura Ingalls Wilder and Almanzo Wilder…as well as loving that the name represents a wild heart :) It is not common at all in the UK.

    I think your blog is fantastic and a real inspiration on my unschooling journey with my kids aged 6, 4 & 11 weeks

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