Rainy Day At The Races: Photos

It was beautiful, albeit rainy. Of course, rain sometimes adds to the beauty of a place. It swirls around, muting colors, dripping off of old fences, adding glittering drops to once invisible spiderwebs. The perfect time to take pictures. Especially since we were camped at an incredible race track (for horses). I’ve been experimenting a bit lately with black and white photos. Would you like to see?









2 Replies to “Rainy Day At The Races: Photos”

  1. I’ve never been able to get the hang of black and white photography. I think it’s because I watched so much black-and-white TV as a kid. (I didn’t have a color TV until the 1980s.) I could actually see black-and-white shows in color in my head. In fact, when a B&W show would come on, I wouldn’t even realize it. (My “brain coloring” wasn’t always accurate, though. I grew up thinking that Bugs Bunny was olive green, rather than gray. LOL!) Anyhow, nicely done!

  2. LOVE these photos, hannah!

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