Sophistication, and V For Vendetta


As you may or may not know, I’m into being strangely sophisticated. Now, don’t immediately come to the conclusion that that means I’m eternally stiff and formal, drink my tea with an upright little finger, or have memorized all the various types of spoons and their proper usage. Not at all. In fact, there’s more strange to my imagined sophistication than anything else. To put it plainly, I enjoy oddly clever things. Top hats, the word sesquipedalian, anything and everything Old English, steampunk airships, and monocles. The list goes on in a disorganized and somewhat eclectic way. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I’m a fan of the movie V For Vendetta. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading now and go find it. It’s fantastic. In short, it’s a futuristic movie that focuses on a main character, who goes by V, wears a famous mask, and is known for some of the most fantastic phraseology ever invented. The movie fascinates me, not only because the characters are so incredible, but because the story line revolves around a corrupt and controlling government, and its eventual downfall. I love movies that have a deeper meaning; that go beyond unbelievable action scenes and horribly rampant stereotypes to give viewers something to chew over in the quiet hours of the evening.

That being said, I didn’t memorize V’s speech because I thought it was particularly inspiring, thoughtful, or important to life as we know it. Frankly, I memorized it because it was brilliant. A beautiful sequence of sesquipedalian genius. How could I not adore it?

It was while we were at Sovereign Hill that I came across a really cool (and completely empty) theatre. There was a stage. Curtains. Chairs. Where better to break into a vichyssoise of verbiage? Family members later insisted on videoing it, and ever since I’ve had numerous requests for aforementioned footage… Here it is:

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  1. Love the video! Even if I didn’t understand most of what you were saying. :)

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