5 Weird and Wacky International Foods I’ve Tried

One of my favorite parts of travel is trying new foods.

Each culture has it’s own kinds of food, and some of them can be quite strange! Often, the only way to find these foods is to travel to their native country, a fact which only makes them all the more interesting. Once you’ve found them, the next step is convincing yourself to put the meal in your mouth. Is it really worth the bragging rights? I almost always decide it is. “Almost” being the operative word.

A Holy Cave: The Perfume Pagoda

Birds sing merrily in the trees that overhang the murky water.

The sun beams warmly down on the little rowboat that makes it’s tedious way up the river. The oars creak loudly, but except for that sound and the birds, all is still. Around us, a few other boats row peacefully up the Perfume River. There aren’t half as many now as there will be in the spring, when thousands of Vietnamese make a pilgrimage to the Perfume Pagoda. For now, it is calm. Our guide peeks out from beneath her wide umbrella to smile at us. She’s been telling us Vietnamese legends the entire ride.

A Photo Essay: Angkor Wat

Ankor Wat, one of the best ruins in the world.
The joyful stone faces that make this place famous stare down at us from their lofty towers. It must have been quite startling to come across this place back in the day, while trekking through the snake infested jungle. Here, tall trees have grown down over the ruins, holding some stones in place while moving others. They look like large elephants that’ve forgotten how to do anything but soak up the sun and water from this tropical paradise. I can sometimes relate.

The boys clamber up and down the ruins, agile as mountain goats, matched only by the dozens of monkeys that lounge near the stair steps. These mischievous little fellows are quite used to humans. They beg food from passing tourists, and one even goes so far as to steal a woman’s purse. Shrieking, she bats at it, and it bares long sharp teeth at her. Reluctantly, it drops the bag and scampers away to the relative safety of the trees.

Angkor had some of the best carvings and scenery of any ruin I’ve yet visited. The best way to show you the splendor of ancient Khmer ruins is to show you! I hope you enjoy these photos we took during our time at Angkor!