A Bittersweet Christmas

There’s something incredibly bittersweet about spending your first Christmas away from home. Some things are the same, mostly the things I’ve brought with me. Nanaimo bars aren’t hard to make, and the smell of peppermint bark and sugar cookies makes any place Christmas-y. I still get the same excited goosebumps while doing a terrible job […]

A Study-Abroad Christmas

christmas market, nuremberg, bavaria

I like the idea of 5-minute posts. Granted, when I sit down to write, it usually ends up being more than a 5-minute process. Still, the idea of capturing a simple moment, without stressing too much over whether it’s worth sharing or whether it’ll piss someone off is lovely. I think I’m keeping it. I’m […]

Travel Update – Indiana

Hey all. It’s been a week. Time for a travel update! It’ll be a short one, I’m sorry to say. I’m officially on the road, after months of planning and hard work. My flights were uneventful. I’ve spent the past week visiting family in Indiana. I met my little nephew… or is he a cousin? […]