What About School?

We get that question a lot. After all, education is one of the most important things in our lives, as kids. And as full-time travelers, attending a traditional school is impossible. So how do we do it? First of all, I should tell you that I’ve never actually been to school as most kids know […]

Tuesday Morning Reflections, aka The Importance of Boredom

Free time is just as important for our schooling as scheduled activities and courses. It gives us the ability to exercise our imaginations, to explore things on our own, and to learn about the things we take interest in. I think boredom is something that ought to be embraced. When you’re “bored” your brain has the opportunity to discover a new interest, or to come up with a fantastic new idea. As a rule, I never say that I’m bored. I think it’s an excuse for not finding something interesting to do. Have you ever noticed that people who claim to be bored can’t seem to get out of it, no matter what activity they’re handed? Boredom is a state of mind, which would be better replaced with imagination, and will be if you give it enough time. So, if you can, get bored! You never know what you’ll learn!

Education And Friends On The Road: My Thoughts

As travelers, my family and I are always open to questions from others who are moving towards traveling themselves.

As a traveling family of six, we get questions concerning our lifestyle and how to “make it work” all the time. Today, my Mom received this comment on an interview she recently did with WirelessIdeology.

I have a question for Jennifer: I guess you have been homeschooling your kids? How is that working out as they are getting older? I would think that some form of real schooling would be beneficial for a high school age kid, as well as a chance to make “real” friendships that last more than a few months.

This is a valid question, and one we’ve been asked multiple times. Mom came to me asking me to write back and answer it as the teen the comment refers to. Here’s my reply.