2 Weeks Out

I took a little journey to the unknown… And I come back changed, I can feel it in my bones. Saturday evening, the first day of my birthday month. I have Lord Huron playing loudly. My room is full of the hot, sweet smell of coconut milk cookies baking. I’m curled up on my bed, […]

Waiting to Hear About Scotland

Hello, Peoples. How’s it going? Is there snow where you are? We’re getting absolutely dumped on here in Kingston. I hear that most of the East Coast is getting a “dusting” too. If you don’t have snow, I’m a tiny bit jealous. I miss the sunshine. I’m not a chilly weather girl. It’s Thursday night […]

WTF November

At the beginning of the semester, I always promise myself that I’ll post at least once a week. For a while, it’s smooth sailing. And then week 10 hits and project due dates and exams start rolling in and it all falls to pieces. That’s why you usually hear so little from me at this […]