Steampunk H.Q.

I found myself in a world of steam and turning gears, of waxen skeletons and whirring machines.

In one corner, a massive clock lay on the floor, a man standing over it with tools in hand. In another, a gigantic machine with a slowly turning fan crouched near the door. From a far-off quadrant of space, the plaque read, a visitor had arrived and had gifted the Steampunk HQ with this machine. It was capable of creating power for every machine in the HQ. Interestingly enough, it could also make an excellent cup of tea. Of course, it was mostly just used for its extraordinary tea making capabilities. Obviously, these people had their priorities straight.

5 Weird and Wacky International Foods I’ve Tried

One of my favorite parts of travel is trying new foods.

Each culture has it’s own kinds of food, and some of them can be quite strange! Often, the only way to find these foods is to travel to their native country, a fact which only makes them all the more interesting. Once you’ve found them, the next step is convincing yourself to put the meal in your mouth. Is it really worth the bragging rights? I almost always decide it is. “Almost” being the operative word.