I Have A Sweetheart

WARNING: If you’re not interested in hearing about my personal life, I’ve got this great post about riding elephants. You should check it out. But whatever you do, don’t read further.  I’ve written this post three times already. Seriously, I can’t figure it out. Somehow it always turns into a rant on the insincerity/casual attitude […]

Home Again

Home again. Will and I lucked out on a Chopin concert in Paris’ oldest church for our last night of the trip. As I sat there listening to the pianist work his magic, I thought about the past month and all the adventures I experienced. Football night in Amsterdam, Gruyere and the Giger Museum, the […]

First Days in Milan… We’re Disappointed

“Macaroni,” he said, leering at us, baring what few teeth he had in a ugly grin. He was filthy, what seemed like a few years worth of dirt and grime caked around his nails and ears, and he couldn’t have been much older than forty. “Macaroni,” he repeated, pocketing the change that rattled out of […]

Switzerland: A Photo Essay

Our time in Switzerland was short. The majority of our time there was spent with the Murphy family, who kindly had offered to host us for a few days. We spent a day working for them and a day in Laussane, as well as one rest day before moving on to Milan. We had to […]