Road Trip to Denmark

So, Denmark is my new favourite place to be. Early Friday morning, Will and I were up in the dark throwing our bags together, heating up a quick breakfast of couscous (a tradition I picked up way back in Tunisia, 2008), and heading out to shiver on the sidewalk in the cold dark pre-dawn mist […]

Early Weeks in Groningen

Hey peeps! I meant to update you sooner, but ACK! I always forget how insane the first weeks of the fall semester can be. I have all the usual tasks for starters – buying books, finding classes, scheduling, last minute emergency class registration issues, finding school supplies, worrying about how expensive I am, etc. But […]

Perks of Being a Worldschooled Adult

Being a worldschooled kid was great. I traveled the world with my family, learned the full range of school subjects from real-world experience, made friends on six continents, and loved every second of it. I’ve written about growing up as a worldschooler before. In fact, you might even be here from my 10 Ways Worldschooling […]