The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon amazes humanity with it’s glorious splendor and it’s immense size. While some call it a “hole in the desert”, I found it both incredible and inspiring and I don’t think I could ever honestly name it so.

The cerulean sky contrasts sharply with the gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows of the canyon.

Deep below a dusty blue grey river winds defiantly through the high enclosing walls of the majestic canyon, slowly carving deeper and deeper down through the layers of desert sediment. Here and there wildly green bushes clamber to grab a hold on the crumbly canyon walls and add yet another spot of color to the scene.

A raven caws as it beats it’s wings hard to reach the rim.

Once there it sits calmly next to the trail, preening in the shining glory of the tourists oooh’s and ah’s. Jessy pulls on my hand and looks up at me, her face glowing with pure excitement. “Hannah, Hannah, let’s go see the big birdie, ok?!”  As I walk towards it with Jessie skipping merrily at my side I’m super grateful for the strong railings lining the walkway. After watching the raven for a while we moved on.

As it turns out, ravens aren’t the only kind of large bird to be seen soaring between the walls of the canyon. Nor are they even close to being the largest! On our walk we met a man who was using radar technology to locate condors.


A condor is a gigantic bird with a wingspan of 9 feet. It weighs around twenty pounds and is bigger than an eagle. A kind of vulture, they live in the Grand Canyon along with a few other kinds of large bird, namely the eagles.

One of the very coolest things to do while in the Grand Canyon is take a mule ride.  There are multiple companies who provide services to tourists and there are many different amounts of time you can choose to be out for. Some can go for two days! However if you’re planning to go be sure to find out the limits. It can be costly and for safety reasons there is an age and weight restriction.

The mules will take you down into the canyon where you can fully appreciate the depth and immensity of the canyon.

In all: Way more than a hole!

The Grand Canyon is definitely one of the most incredible and amazing parts of American geology. The way it has been sculpted slowly out of the dry and dusty landscape surrounding it is unbelievable. It is much more than a “hole in the desert”!

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