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I've been at this for a while...
I’ve been at this for a while… Somewhere in Tunisia, 2008.

Here by popular vote: the best reads on Edventuregirl!

Listed from newest to oldest, these are some of my most popular posts since I first started this writing space four years ago. To read some of my earliest blog posts from when we were on the road in New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Guatemala, and Australia, check out my archives on the right. Enjoy!

I Have A Sweetheart

The Altoid Girl (Hero Round Table Conference)

Rant Incoming: Worst Travel Day Ever

SCUBA Diving, Memories, and An Unexpected Visitor

Sailing Misadventures and The 3 Rules of Sailing

What About School?

10 Ways World-schooling Has Ruined My Childhood

Purple Dye Disaster (trust me, this one in particular is a must read)

Elephant Riding In Pai, Thailand

Cambodian Orphanage: In Which I Cry, And We Play Soccer

5 Weird And Wacky International Foods I’ve Tried

Education and Friends On The Road: My Thoughts


My first ever post. Don’t judge. :P

A Day In The Mama Bus