Travel Update: An Emotional Rollercoaster

Time for another update! At this moment, I’m supposed to be on a plane to Guatemala. I’m not. It’s a long story.

I’ve been struggling with how to write this. Once again, there’s the struggle of sharing stories that aren’t mine to share, personal details that may be too personal to take public, and events so sensitive that to write about them could hurt people. I have so much to write about, but so little I can actually share.

To be honest with you, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Never have I been on such an emotional rollercoaster in my life. It’s been intense. There’s been a lot of family drama, heartstring tugging, biting my tongue, and shocking moments. Guns were involved in an angry way at one point, which was a little more than this left-leaning, peace-loving, half-Canadian hippie chick was prepared for. Welcome to the U.S., I guess. And just as I thought everything was about to settle down, a full-on family tragedy struck.

Will’s dad passed away unexpectedly.

I’m not going to get into it too personally, but yes, it’s horrible and it was a complete shock to us all. In response, everyone dropped what they were doing and rushed to Alabama to do all the things that need to be taken care of when someone dies. Family flew in from Germany and Ohio. Will drove 12 hours in one night to pick people up from Louisville. I cancelled my flights and spent two days scurrying to find rides and change dates and meet up with William. I’m sorry, there’s no way I’m flying to Guatemala while my family is going through something this intense. I’ve postponed my flight until next week, by which time we’ll have everything wrapped up here.

Will’s arrival, at 5am. I was worried.
Sleeping hard after a 12 hour night drive. So glad he made it safely.

So instead of looking out over the wing of an airplane at the looming Volcan Fuego this morning, I’m prepping for a day of cleaning out an apartment, being there for my partner and his family, and helping in any way I can. I’m so grateful to be here right now. A week later and I would have been stuck hundreds of miles away. Instead, I can squeeze Will’s younger sister, sort through photos so that his mom doesn’t have to, run errands, and just generally love on everyone and bring positivity. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I’m not in Guatemala this morning.

There are more stories that I’d like to tell. I have so many feelings and thoughts coursing through me right now, but they need time to percolate. I feel a rant about guns coming on after the experiences I had earlier this month. But honestly, I hardly had the time to write this. I’m needed and I’m incredibly busy taking care of my people this week. I know you all understand.

Everyone is doing as well as can be expected. We are fed, loved, looked after. Everything will be fine, in the end. Just letting you know what’s up and why you aren’t hearing from me as expected.

Talk to you again soon.

5 Replies to “Travel Update: An Emotional Rollercoaster”

  1. My condolences to your family Hannah.

  2. Condolences to you, Will and his family. So sorry for your loss. Be at peace!

  3. So very sorry for this loss. Regards to Will, give him my sympathies.

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    1. Thanks! Glad you like it. It´s one of my favorite personal projects.

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