We’re Home!

“Alright everybody, load up!” Mrs Wood calls.

Soon we are all in, buckled, and ready for our very last day on the road. After two months of nonstop travel, fun and education, we are finally on the long road home. And a long road it is; we have a seven hour ride ahead of us.

I press my forehead against the cool window and marvel at how quickly it has gotten chilly. In just four days of travel we have gone from the high seventies to the low thirties and forties. Brrr! The trees we fly past change as we go. From a variety of lovely dark greens, light greens and dusty yellows they have transformed themselves into a magnificent array of bright gold, stunning  orange, mousy browns and flashing reds as they enrobe New England with their glory. The falling leaves swirl and spin in the crisp cold October breeze, lightly embracing our van before whirling uncontrollably away again.

It seemed to take years before we were in familiar territory.

As we crossed the State Line a uniform cheer and round of applause went up for all we’ve accomplished thus far.  Everyone ooh’d and ahh’d as they recognized well-known landmarks along our route. Excitement buzzed in the air as we neared our destination.

The Blackeyed Peas beat to the sound of our growing anticipation and gravel crunched under our tires as we turned into the driveway of the Wood’s house. The dad’s waited, arms open as the herd of kids, filled to overflowing with excitement and joy, stampeded over each other in their haste to be the first ones out of the van and hugged! Madison, the dog, was also wild with excitement she couldn’t contain and more than one person was bowled over by her ferocious and loving attack on her kids.

The trip is over.

Strange isn’t it, how when you first start something of epic proportions you believe somehow that it will never end. And then in the blink of an eye adventures are had, friends made, goodbyes said and the trip is at an end. But although it has been fast, it has been one of the most entertaining journeys I’ve ever made.

It was an epic adventure, and one that we will never forget.

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